Foundation for the Changing World

Our Foundation has been a public benefit organization since 1999. The primary goal of its establishment and operation is to contribute to the development of labour market processes, to the improvement of the social equality of the underprivileged groups as well as to the social, labour market success of young people.

Our determining activities:

  • provision of labour market information,
  • career orientation, career choice and career changing guidance activity,
  • organization of personal consulting and training for work, career and job seeking
  • skills development, talent management,
  • organizing trainings, disseminating knowledge,
  • helping and developing of disadvantaged labour market groups as mentors,
  • organization of labour market events.


Our activity is mainly operated from domestic and European Union tenders and grants. Over the last few years, we have implemented countless projects independently or in partnerships successfully.

Our foundation works territorially primarily in Vas county, but some of our activities go beyond county borders.

We are dealing with a wide range of target group. The delineation means primarily the problems of those concerned, including helping to overcome the difficulties arising from the labour market, social disadvantages, assisting career guidance, and contributing to the dynamic development of the labour market.

Our organization has built up and maintains a very diverse professional relationship and cooperation system over the last few years. The participants of public administration, the local government sector, education, small, medium, large enterprises and the civil sector can be found on the reciprocal co-operatives.