Zsuzsanna Csuja 

Zsuzsanna Csuja project leader works at the National KID Association. She is coach, trainer, careers advisor and mathematics and physics teacher. Earlier worked at the CSAT Association and took part in KID Programs, supporting young people’s labour market reintegration in Debrecen. For years she was a mentor in the European Union’s European Voluntary Service Program. She participated in many community development programs at the Eastern European Community Service Foundation.

Zsuzsanna Guba

Zsuzsanna Guba, project manager, has worked at the SZOCIOGRAMM Nonprofit Ltd and the CSAT Association. She is a biologist and an English-Hungarian biology translator. Earlier, she participated at various community organizing programs and career orientation projects of the SZOCIOGRAMM Nonprofit Ltd. Currently, she works as a psycho-social advisor at the ABILITY WORK program of CSAT Association to help the labour market reintegration of disadvantaged people in the Northern Great Plain region in Hungary.

Julie Healy

Julie Healy is Head of Programmes for the UK children’s charity Barnardo’s.  Julie comes from a research and policy background and has over 20 years of experience working within the community.  Julie specialises in improving children’s emotional health and wellbeing through a  range of evidence based programmes that feature across the UK and Ireland.


Lauren Spiers

Lauren Spiers is the LifeSkills implementation manager for the UK children’s charity Barnardo’s. Lauren comes from an Applied Psychology and Community Youth work background with 15 years experience within the voluntary sector. Lauren’s primary interest is in social and emotional learning with a particular focus on evidence based programmes and their implementation. From November 2019 she is on maternity leave.


Cherith McConnell

Cherith McConnell is a teacher in Belfast, Northern-Ireland. She has worked with Barnardo’s for 10 years. She has got a team that works in schools and they train teachers in resilience promoting good behaviour, support parents to raise their children and run programmes to raise Educational Standards in Schools.


Dóra Deák


Dóra Deák is the director of the organisation FORME in Palermo, managing and supervising the international projects of the association. Her main role is to train educators, social workers, teachers on the didactic of non-formal education and to promote more inclusive, learner-based educational programs.


Anita Como – Local Coordinator, Palermo

Anita Como is a pediatric psychologist, cultural mediator and youth worker. She works in Palermo (Italy) with children and adolescents with mental disability and social and psychological disease. She is a staff member of Forme (www.associazioneforme.com)  as coordinator of local intercultural activities of non-formal education and social promotion.


Alessandra Cannizzo

Alessandra Cannizzo is a freelance project management consultant with expertise in human rights, gender issues, cultural and migration studies. In the field of education, she has matured a strong experience in non-formal methodologies and intercultural pedagogy, also thanks to direct teaching and training experience with children and various target groups. She is co-founder and current President of an intercultural organization and community center in Palermo.

Lilla Baracskai – Local Coordinator, Szolnok

Lilla Baracskai is a Network Program Coordinator at the Centre Point Association. She is responsible for informal youth groups, organizing and coordinating voluntary activities and programs in the Northern Great Plain Region. Her primary interest is in youth development so she has already carried out many trainings for them. She got in contact with youth work through her own voluntary activity. She graduated from University of Debrecen as a social worker and undergraduate student at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

Katalin Bolla – Local Coordinator, Salgótarján

My name is Katalin Bolla. I worked as a primary teacher for 25 years, I taught biology and German. I turned to alternative medicines more than 10 years ago. I graduated as social carer and nurse a couple of years ago. I teach breathing and relaxation techniques, offer alternative movement and massage therapy and lifestyle counselling.


Edit Novotni – Local Coordinator, Debrecen

As the leader of the Szociogramm Social Service Nonprofit Ltd., partner organisation in the SEL in Action project, I actively take part in the methodology developer group.

I have experience in carrying out ability and skills development, motivation training and organising community development programs. The last 15 years of my life has taught me that our actions and behaviour towards others reflects back to our wellbeing. This interaction serves as a basis of our everyday state of mind, performance, future success. The method how to create and maintain healthy social connections can be learnt in early childhood. I focus on the emotional maturity of the project participant children and their teachers by transmitting assertive behaviour patterns.

Barbara Németh – Local Coordinator, Szombathely

Barbara Németh, one of the local coordinators of the program, Foundation for the Changing World (Szombathely). She teaches IT, Physics and English at Váci Mihály Primary School in Szombathely, she is a form teacher, ICT team leader, supporting teacher of the student government work and member of the institutional self-assessment.


Róbert Kutsera – Local Coordinator, Pécs (from May 2019)

The program coordinator in Pécs is a historian, high school teacher in social sciences, talent and organizational developer. He has an extensive experience in managing social deviance and individual counseling. He was involved in the development and implementation of school and local curricula, and programs to compensate for social disadvantages. He was a developer and a mentor of numerous extracurricular school activities. An enthusiastic developer and supporter of non-traditional forms of education that meet the real needs of young people. Founder and manager of the Cloud4est Innovation Community. As former teacher at Janus Pannonius Grammar School in Pécs, and now as a staff member of the Human Innovation Group Nonprofit Kft. he dealing with organizational development, support for innovation activities, and talent development.

Tamás Pallós – Local Coordinator, Pécs (from Sept 2018 till May 2019)

My name is Tamás Pallós and I am a social worker. I work as a project leader in a complex council- house program which is aiming to support the integration and catching up of disadvantaged people who live in extreme poverty in segregated surroundingsin Tolna County. Next to this I also lead teambuilding and organisational development trainings.

Earlier I worked on the field in a street based program, organised a youth club and took part in other youth programs. Basicly, my professional interest is determined by the wellbeing of children and young people, so I am happy to take part this program focusing on this very important area of emotional intelligence.

Erasmus programs are bringing back very found memories for me, as I spent my professional experience in Finnland as a social worker in 2008 and took part in an Erasmus+ program in Turkey in 2015.

Benjámin Tóth

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